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About Us


We are a group of passionate parents who value outdoor adventure. We want our children to develop a love for skiing. We understand that there is inherent risk in skiing. We also understand that there are many reasonable safety measures that cn be taken by resorts. We work to ensure the safest skiing environments for our families. 


Run by parents, we promote accurate data collection, reasonable regulation, and open communication between parents and ski resorts to ensure safety. We work with safety advocates, parents, state legislators, law enforcement and attorneys with the goal to develop fair and balanced safety laws, regulations, practices, and reporting.  




Safety is a community undertaking. It takes all skiers working together to keep a mountain safe. The culture of a resort greatly impacts safety outcomes. This can include volunteering to ride with a minor, reporting dangerous behaviors, or alerting a fellow skier of a potential danger. Building a community of skiing families is essential to achieve safety goals. Family events and social gatherings are the backbone of our community building efforts.



On February 24, 2019, a six-year-old girl fell 29 feet from a chairlift while in ski school. The child did not receive assistance while loading the chairlift. She was riding the lift with another six-year-old child. The parent community waited in horror for an explanation for this accident but heard nothing from the resort. We quickly learned that no one is legally responsible for this accident because this six-year-old girl is legally responsible for her own safety. Two days after the accident Parents for Safe Skiing was formed. We are approximately 1200 parents that love the mountains and love our families. We believe that both of these loves can coexist with reasonably safe skiing regulations. 


Pro-consumer legislation, reasonable regulations, and a vigilant parent community will provide our children with the best skiing experience. 



By building a strong family skiing community and working closely with legislators and regulatory agencies, we can ensure that child skiers are appropriately protected while skiing. 

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