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Join Parents For Safe Skiing

When you become a member of Parents for Safe Skiing, you belong to a group of passionate, committed parents that are leading the way in ski safety. In a matter of weeks this group of parents organized and became a disruptive force the in "status quo" of ski safety policies and practices. Together we learned that when we drop our children off at ski school, no adult is legally responsible for their safety. We learned that accident data collection does not properly represent children. We also learned that the current ski safety regulations are not being properly enforced. We learned these facts and found them unacceptable, and Parents For Safe Skiing was formed. 

Please join us in our vision that the best ski safety practices become the majority, not the exception. When it comes to our children's safety, nothing else will suffice. Membership provides you with the most cutting edge safety information. We offer member reviews of child safety practice at various resorts and specialized safety information specific to children. If needed, we can also be a support in accident and safety advocacy.  

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