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Legislative Efforts

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 We believe that pro-consumer legislation is essential to increase safety on ski mountains. The required legislative changes for ski safety are expansive. The ski laws were originally written over 50 years ago, and while amendments have been included, the heart of the legislation was not written to address our current skiing world. We have more, and younger skiers than ever on the mountains which introduces new challenges - not to mention the addition of  terrain parks and legalized marajuana which were not on anyone's mind 50 years ago.  Our legal system is designed to be balanced between government, industry, and the public. Without a public voice at the table, we are left with legislation that is pro-industry and has disregarded the rights of the public. 

In 2019, our legislative efforts were focused on amending the SB 19-159, Passenger and Tramways Safety Board Sunset Review. The bill passed through both the House and the Senate with no amendments. You can listen and read the oral and written testimony below.

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