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Community Building

Group of friends having fun in a ski res

Safety is a community undertaking. It takes all skiers working together to keep a mountain safe. This can include volunteering to ride with a minor, reporting dangerous behaviors to Parents for Safe Skiing, or alerting a fellow skier of a potential danger. While maybe not the common practice, your ski resorts need to hear from you. We encourage an open dialogue between the consumer and the resorts. The culture of a resort can greatly impact safety outcomes. We have several community building campaigns in the works. Please stay tuned for community building updates. 

Ask The Hard Questions


Before your child skies at any resort, call the operations director and ask the following questions. You are the consumer and you deserve to know. 

Will my child always have an adult riding with him or her on the ski lift?


Will my child always receive a safety scoop onto the lift?


How many attendants do you have operating a single lift?


Do you require your lift attendants to stop the lift if a passenger is not fully loaded?


Do you require your lift attendants to visually check that the passenger is fully seated before the lift leaves the loading zone?


Do you lower safety bars for passengers?


Do you require children to use safety bars? 

Before Kids Ski

Safety Sticker



Ask The Hard Questions

Give Them A Safety Sticker

Send A Protection Letter

Teach Them To Bail

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